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There are no other places to go to when in need of legal documents on arrest records in Washington, Florida than the local law enforcement units commissioned within the community of Washington. The centralized database of such records can be found in the County’s sheriff office as they made it a drop off point of all the arrests that are recorded from all the different enforcement units in the County. But yes, you can always make a request to retrieve such reports from the other units if you want to. All these offices are mandated by law to accommodate such requests and release to public when formally requested.

Making a Washington County arrest records request can be done in three ways which include visiting the Sheriff’s office in person, sending it through mail and by simply calling them over the phone. The office has specifically formed the Records Section to entertain all the transactions related to legal documents. So, that’s where you should be going or that where you should address your mailed request in the future. You will definitely get what you will be requesting because you are entitled by law to do it and that it is your right to know such information for the protection of your family and loved ones. And that is the main intention of the State government too to prevent and stop crimes from taking place.

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As for the fees which you are required to pay, $0.10 per page would be the cost for a single copy of the police report. But if you are going to request for more copies, then you should pay $10.00 per hour for research and copies. On the other hand, background checks can also be done at $10.00 per copy. The requirement to doing background checks would be 1 piece of photo and 1 piece of non-photo identification showing your date of birth. As for the other details and requirements you simply have to contact the sheriff’s office when you want to pull-up the said records. It is the company’s prerogative whether or not to consider the records they got from the said office.

If you wanted to further your searches on a particular person then you can refer it to the Florida Criminal History Information. Your request contain the complete name, race, sex, date of birth and other information you have in possession that are necessary in speeding up the process. The fee to do it would be $23. These are all absolutely possible with all the resources established and given to public by the state and local government in Florida. They always make sure to be consistently transparent to the locals at all the times.

These days, doing an arrest records check can be done by finding a private online records provider. Doing so means you don’t have to visit any government offices anymore. All you have to do is look for a legitimate records site which offers you the kind of records that you need. It comes with a fee for a quick turnaround of your searches, plus more importantly the data that you get is very comprehensive and authentic. So, everyone now has an alternative to go online when looking up for arrest information.

Guide to obtain arrest records in Washington:

  • Visit the Sheriff’s office to initiate the search. Go to its Records Section
  • The request can be done in person, mail or via phone call
  • A single request costs $0.10 per copy, for multiple copies it would be $10.00
  • You need to fill out a records request form completely to get started
  • Payments shall be made through cash only
  • The results will be sent back to you in 4 to 5 business days

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