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In Union, Florida the arrest records are documented at all law enforcement agencies including the narcotics department, traffic unit, sheriff department and other government offices. But the main repository for such legal reports is the Sheriff’s department. They are primarily tasked to collect all the arrest documents from the different local law enforcement units with the objective to have a centralized database on the said files. By doing so, the residents will just have a single place to go to in search for the arrest information on the people in Union. However, they still can go to the other agencies if they wish to request the records from a different office.

Today, the Union County arrest records can be acquired via digital or manual records retrieval. The locals will just have to choose which one works better for them. For the manual search retrieval, the requestors will have to bring a valid government ID such as his or her driver’s license, company ID, social security number with the current photo. These documents would prove that you are certainly a legitimate citizen in Florida. Also, you will need to fill out a records request form and submit to the Sheriff’s Records Section for processing.

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If you had to mail your request, you must place it in a self-addressed, stamped envelope and have it notarized before sending to the specified office address. The fees shall be based on how much information or data you would want to obtain. But it should not go beyond $20.00 per copy. In cases when you don’t know any information about the subject then you will have to have the office search it for you. If that is the case then you will need to pay an extra fee for the extra time spent by the staff members in doing the search.

The digital process can be done simply by visiting the sheriff’s official website. They have uploaded all the necessary information related to arrest records there for the quicker access of the Union residents. If they wanted assistance from the office, they should just drop by and have any of the staff member walk you through the entire steps of doing the online search. With the existence of such webpage, individuals will get to search on arrest data and are also able to do inmate inquiries. They will get to view the full name of the detainee, primary charge, arrest date, booking agency and the other details regarding the subject.

With the increasing volume of requests being received at the government agencies, results on records searches would at times come in very slow. Good thing an online records alternative has now come to solve the turnaround time concern. Today, the internet makes it very possible for everyone to conduct the search since the results can be obtained in just a few minutes. You only need to pay a certain amount to be able to possess the documents you desired. So, it’s all up to the locals now whether they would explore the modern method of searching or stick with the conventional approach of searching.

Guide to request the arrest records:

  • Visit the Sheriff’s office to start the search
  • Find out the requirements and guidelines to begin the request
  • Pay the required amount for processing
  • For mail requests, it has to be notarized and put in a self-addressed, stamped enveloped
  • Results are acquired usually in 4 to 5 days

Union County Booking Log

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