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The legal arrest records in St. Lucie, Florida are covered by the Sheriff’s law enforcement agency in harmony with the existing law which states that the said office will have the responsibility in compiling and releasing them when there is a formal request from the public. The provision is described in Florida’s Public Records Law, Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes. The office has created the Records Unit where the special applications on arrest records can be done. Requests can be done via email; the office concerned gets back to you with the amount of fee which you will pay for the service you requested.

The Records Unit has a clerk who can entertain questions over the phone if you opt to speak with someone first from the office before you do some other things. Just a heads up on those who are hunting for extensive results of the search, the office will have to demand for an extra fee for the extra more time spent doing the searches. On that note, the requestor will have to pay $0.15 per copy page plus postage. Aside from calling over the phone and sending the application via email, the residents in St. Lucie may mail in the request in the form of a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

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Unfortunately, fax will not be possible as the office is trying to keep the information as confidential as possible. So, the main reason is for security measures. Moreover, there are two more things which you can do at the office which you probably would want to conduct as well. These are the background checking and the fingerprint checking procedures which you can use in knowing the history of someone. Background checking costs $5.00 while fingerprint-based check costs $10.00. This is the way to go when trying to pull up the St. Lucie County arrest records.

Today, almost all the legal reports are uploaded online through the sheriff’s official webpage. Their website will let you know facts about identity theft, sex offenders, domestic violence, warrant search, traffic violations and many more. You will be able to view the perpetrators and the details of all the subjects which are currently in police custody. Hence, it is something which you can do even when you are just at home trying to find out the history of a mysterious person in the pursuit to safeguard the lives of your family and loved ones.

With the continued advancement of modern technology these days, an independent online records repository can be tapped to do the records searches for you. As a matter of fact, the results can be obtained in only a few minutes after typing in the minimal information about the subject of interest. It comes with a fee but really worth the money you spent for in return for a complete set of information that you are going to get. Nowadays, every person can immediately protect their family by quickly turning into an online records provider. For as long as there is Internet connection, anybody can do it effortlessly while trying to secure your loved ones from the bad elements in the society.

Process to do an arrest search in St. Lucie:

  • Visit the county’s sheriff office and proceed to its Records Unit
  • Look for the Records Clerk and tell him of your intention
  • Arrest records search costs $10.00 per copy depending on the amount of information that you are asking them to search. The more facts you wanted, the more amount it is that you are going to pay
  • Requests can be done via phone, email and mail options. For mail option, it should be sent through a self-addressed, stamped envelope
  • The results will be delivered in 4 to 5 business days

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