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Sarasota County Sheriff’s office takes care of the business in compiling the legal records which include the arrest reports being archived within the county. To make things more organized, they have created the Records and Reports Section to spearhead in the documentation of these valuable pieces of information for public consumption. The top objective really is to become very transparent to the local residents in terms of what the local government knows on certain noted individuals. In view to this, the general purpose would be to maintain peace and order by blocking any person who is capable of bringing threat within the community.

So, if you are rooting for the past records of a person you must immediately drop by the sheriff’s office and do the search. The key to unlocking the person’s arrest records would be to find out the case number. If you don’t have it then you must know the date of incident, where it occurred and the arresting agency. If you don’t have any of it then you must pay for the staff to do the search for you as per management’s policy in cases when the processing takes a long time to accomplish. The request is executed by mail, email or simply in person. For single sided result you will pay 15 cents for each and 20 cents each for double sided copies.

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It used to be quite tedious to do the arrest records search back in the old days as things have to be done manually which means everybody had to deal with all the paper work and requirements. Today, they have initiated to uploading the said legal information into a computer-based repository. In other words, instead of complying with the paper requirements, all the requestors nowadays just have to log onto the sheriff’s official website where they developed the Arrests and Inmate Section. You only need to know three things to pull up the data you need. They include the arrest date, name search and case number.

Aside from the Sheriff’s office you may also visit the other law enforcement units like the highway patrol, narcotics department and others to see if you can get some valuable inputs. They too are mandated by law to help or assist anyone who is looking for truth for the protection of their families, loved ones and properties. In other words, the law enforcement agencies are great places to conduct background checks as they are government-recognized institutions which deal with various legal records.

The Sheriff’s official webpage is also making available the other searches which the public would want to perform. They comprise the warrant search resource, crime mapping, sex offender search, jail visitation and among others. However, what makes it more accessible these days is that they can be ordered from your own home where you can absolutely do it on your own without the assistance from others. This modern option is very safe to perform because the search is accomplished at the most private place where you want to do the check from. Sarasota residents now have options as to whether do the traditional method or try using the modern tool to do the arrest reports check.

Things to know when searching for arrest records in Sarasota:

  • Go to the Sheriff’s office, specifically its Records Section to begin the query
  • You may do the request via mail, email or in person
  • The cost for the records retrieval service should not go beyond $20.00 per copy
  • Today, searches are also done via computers and through a fingerprint-based check
  • The results are delivered in 4 to 5 days

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