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Santa Rosa County has the ability to release legal information fast with the existing online system which they have established for the benefit of the local residents. The Sheriff’s office is the central repository for anyone looking for Santa Rosa County arrest records for whatever valid purposes that the requestors have. The requestors just have to be real with their intentions and must possess all the personal documents as required by Florida’s law in the act of requesting for official reports. Hence, you must know the guidelines, policies and everything for you to determine as to whether or not you are eligible to perform the search.

The Sheriff’s office has all the documents related to the various arrests made within the local community. The records which one can get include the active warrant search, most wanted list, most wanted predators and offenders, and the sex offenders. The good news these days is that all residents may conduct the check via online without going through the manual ways of searching. Active warrants can also be viewed directly via the sheriff’s official website as well as the names of registered sex offenders. For more information related to criminals, one must visit Florida Department of Law Enforcement for further data.

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More so, the sheriff’s office has formed an Inmate Records Section which is divided into two including the Classifications Unit and the Objective Classifications Unit. The former’s job is to maintain all inmate files throughout the detention period. All time credits are accounted for as well as the court files are held in inmate’s file. The latter simply does the assessment of each inmate that has extended time in the Santa Rosa County to determine their custody levels. So, if the said pieces of information are of your interest then you must approach the Inmate Records Section.

They also have the Inmate Intake Section which is comprised of the booking squads working at the central Booking facility. What they do is produce a hard file and a computer file on all inmates at the time of booking. Thus, for all bookings you must see this office to get the names and their personal particulars. It is a useful resource more especially if you are doing a background check on someone. By doing so, you will be able to know the past and history of a person that fast.

The residents in Santa Rosa now have the opportunity to just do the check via the digital means where you only need to type in the names of the subject and key in a few details about them. In just a few minutes you will be able to acquire a lot of information about the person. The trick here would be to find the right online resource which assures you the kind of data that you need. It comes with a fee but absolutely worth it for you will be able to gather factual details which you can use for just about any endeavor. The convenience it brings about this modern method is that it allows you to do the search on your own with total privacy.

Things to do when doing an arrest records search:

  • Visit the Sheriff’s office to inquire about the requirements and qualifications to request for arrest records
  • Secure a copy of the forms which you should fill out in its entirety
  • Pay the service fee which should not exceed to $20.00 per copy
  • If you are mailing your request, put it in a self-addressed, stamped envelope and have it notarized
  • Results are handed over in 4 to 5 business days

Santa Rosa County Booking Log

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