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Retrieving any logs on arrests in Putnam County, Florida is easy as long as you know the process and the agencies to file your entreaty at. Florida, like most states in America, is actually an open records state. This now creates a presumption that the Sunshine State also lives by the principle of having an informed citizenry. As per the Public Records Law, any member of the state who needs to access any documents contained in the state’s public archives can actually do by filing a formal and written request to the concerned agencies.

In Florida, it is the Department of Law Enforcement, Division of Criminal Justice Information Services which serves as the central storehouse for all criminal history information in the Sunshine State. All documents pertaining to how a person went against the law insofar as felonies are concerned can be procured from this office. Arrest documents, however, can be obtained locally through the local county Sheriffs’ Office. In Putnam County, should you need to get a hold of any arrest records for whatsoever licit purposes, file your request at the Putnam County Sheriffs’ Office directly. Both offices are open Mondays through Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm except during holidays.

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Procuring any Putnam County arrest records entails doing some paper works. One of which is accomplishing an application or a ‘request to access’ form. This form can be downloaded online through the Division of Criminal Justice Information Services’ website. Once downloaded, print it out and complete it with the following information: complete legal name of the person whose background you are sussing out, any known sobriquets, date of birth, approximate age, last known address and if you have it, also include that person’s social security number. As the person appealing for the document, do not forget to also write your details. Significant information that you have to provide includes your full name, mailing address and your contact number. It is also imperative that you indicate as to how you are related to the person whose record you are requesting as well as the reason of your request. Do not forget to mail in as well the processing payment of $24 which should be through check or money order only.

Do not forget that if it is your own arrest record you wish to get a hold of, you have to hire a defense attorney first. Going to the office directly without an attorney may lead to your arrest. What you can also do in this case is to file your entreaty via telephone or mail. Typically, the time it takes to process such requests takes approximately 5 business days. This turnaround time varies greatly, however, as it depends on how many order such offices get in a day. As such, it could even take a week or two more. To hasten things up, you can actually choose to pull any record search online especially with today’s modern technology.

The modern way of record retrieval entails filing your request and processing such order through the Web or the Internet via a computer or any smart device. This contemporary marvel of doing such transaction is by far the fastest and easiest; not to mention that it is less costly. Because it is done through the services of alternative record providers, you are guaranteed to have a very fast and smooth transaction while being ensured of the authenticity, reliability and validity of the documents as these repositories also make use of a state-wide database.

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Putnam County Florida Arrest Records

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