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Polk County Sheriff’s Office is the general in-charge in the documentation of arrest records and at the same time in the release of such reports to public. There are two processes which enable you to retrieve legal information for various purposes. You can do both records requests and local background check by following the appropriate guidelines as formulated by the State and County government officials. The law states that everyone will have the privilege or chance to view such documents provided that they are qualified to do the records request and that the intention to obtain the information is valid.

The two forms for records request and local background check can be downloaded from the sheriff’s official website. So, you just have to print it out and fill out in its entirety. Such forms contain different formats and show different questions being asked. Your responsibility would be to complete it so that it will be processed by the office concerned. Otherwise, the request will be returned to you. If you don’t have enough information about the subject then your last resort would be to ask the Records Section do the search for you but that is going to require extra fees for the service rendered.

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The Records Section also compiles the other legitimate reports which you can leverage while running a history check on an individual. They also supply references on active warrants, most wanted list, and most wanted predators and offenders and the sexual predator change of address. The good news about these pieces of information is that they can all be viewed and downloaded through the official site of the County’s Sheriff. The other law enforcement agencies like highway patrol and narcotics department are also authorized to provide information if you are looking for arrest records.

As a requesting party, the important thing you need to see would be that you qualify to do the request. The office has posted all the guidelines and requirements over their website for everyone’s reference. Just bring any government-issued personal identification to prove that you are a legitimate resident in Polk, Florida. You may bring a driver’s license, social security ID or company identification. The sheriff’s office will be your authentic resource if you are running a background check on someone. Just make sure that go through the right steps so that your transaction will be viewed as legal and official.

With the development of computers and the Internet today, searching for Polk County arrest records is done much easier as compared to what people in the past are used to be doing. Your job would be to find a reputable site which guarantees complete results of your arrest searches. This digital procedure is very much the option which most would want to prefer as it is hassle-free and totally convenient for everybody to execute. So, all you have to do is pay for the online service fee and get the results in just a few clicks. You don’t have to be an expert in computers to do the job for the steps are made real easy for the people to benefit from.

Procedure to acquire arrest records in Polk:

  • Visit the Records Management Bureau under the Sheriff’s Office
  • Determine whether you would go for a records request or a local background check procedure
  • The fee should not exceed to $30.00 per copy
  • Both have forms to fill out to proceed with the search
  • The forms can be acquired from the office concerned or be downloaded from the sheriff’s official website
  • Results are delivered in 4 to 5 working days

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