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Pinellas Sheriff Office is the central repository for arrest records as directed by the State government. Hence, the local residents are now led towards this law enforcement agency for background checking purposes and other reasons for retrieving such records. In the past, they were only capable of doing the manual search but at present the said office makes the digital means of pulling off the records very possible. On this note, they have created an online archive through their official website where instructions on how to download the information can be found.

By default, they are responsible for the compilation and distribution of all arrest documents as it is the place where due process starts. So, they collect all the other arrest records coming from the other law enforcement units within the county. Such reports are properly organized in a way that searches are going to be performed quickly in the future. Today, the said records are not only retrievable via the tradition procedure since the office has explored and incorporated the use of technological advances in the effort to make the searches more straightforward and handy to do.

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And so, they made it accessible to people via online where they just have to download the files and possess the data in a few minutes. The types of records which anyone can request include the incident or offense reports, adult background check, juvenile background checks, and criminal records. As for the fees, single-handed copy costs $.15, two-side copy $.20, certified copy costs $1.00 and Audio CD #3.00. Charges could go much higher if you wanted more details or you wanted the search to be more extensive which requires a lengthy process. However, prices could change over time as per management’s policies. Thus, it is advised that you call the office concerned to check as to whether or not rates are adjusted.

All the mentioned reports are kept in the Sheriff’s Records Section. To get started, you must secure a copy of the records request form. Fill it out completely with all the information you know about the subject and yourself as the requestor. If some details are not supplied, then you will have to have them search for the data. And for that, you will need to pay a separate fee for the extra hours you asked them to spend on. More importantly, you need to have personal documents which show that you are a legal resident in Pinellas so that you will be eligible to conduct the search.

Nowadays, running a Pinellas County arrest records check is a piece-of-cake because it can be accomplished in just a few minutes on your laptop, desktop, or via any electronic devices where you can download files. It is very handy to do because it only requires Internet access to execute the search, and you no longer have to go to comply with the paper requirements and all just to pull up the data that you are requesting. So, you now have two options whether you do the conventional method or explore the digital procedure of performing the arrest records search.

Pinellas County Arrest Log

Method to pull-up arrest records in Pinellas:

  • Visit the Sheriff’s office to request the arrest records
  • They also release data related to adult background checks, juvenile background checks, criminal records and the offense reports
  • Fill out the request form completely
  • Pay for the service charge which should not go over $10.00 per copy
  • The results are acquired in 4 to 5 business days

Pinellas County Florida Arrest Records
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