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The Sheriff office in Pasco and the County’s Clerk of Court are in one way or another do the public service in terms of providing the people with legal information. But the Sheriff’s office is a more ideal place to go to for arrest searches as the clerk of court deals more on the different public documents like land reports, civil files, marriage and others official reports. As per Florida’s mandate, anybody who will formally place a request on arrest records shall be accommodated for they have the right to retrieve such data for whatever legal circumstances.

Back in the old days, individuals had to make a trip all the way to the only records repository in Florida. Today, each county in Florida has a directive that they should be compiling their own arrest reports for the reference of the public in the future. Hence, searches can this time be done within their community without the need to travel and spend money in the process. Nowadays, they make it even more accessible by using the computers and the Internet. They have developed an official webpage where arrest and booking information searches can be executed.
The online database contains details including the complete name of the arrested individual, date of birth, race, sex, booking number, booking date and time, status, release date and release time. To validate such details, you can go to the Clerk of the Circuit Court to compare that data you have gotten from the sheriff’s arrest and booking database. More so, you will be able to pull-off the active warrants so that you can report to the authorities just in case you recognized someone who is being searched by the police. This information is also made available on the same site as those of the arrest and booking records.

Pasco County Arrest Log

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Furthermore, the sheriff’s office also incorporates the names and pictures of the registered sex offenders on their webpage. You are actually able to do four things which include the sex offender registry, sex offender neighborhood search, Florida career offender search and the Florida Department of Corrections Offender Search. All these are made available online for quick research purposes. They have also integrated the crime reports for background checking purposes. The local residents in Pasco can also visit the other law enforcement agencies in the pursuit of the arrest reports. These agencies include the narcotics department, highway patrol and other offices that are governed by the government.

With the advancement of modern technology today, researches can be accomplished in the fastest way possible through an independent online records provider. You are only required to pay a reasonable fee to request for the Pasco County arrest records. So, the first thing you do is find a reputable website which offers you the quickest process to obtain the said legitimate documents. This means that the procedure of pulling up the records becomes paperless which in other words a huge convenience on the part of the requestors for they no longer have to go through the typical procedure where they had to comply with the paper requirements and everything.

Procedure to do an arrest records search:

  • The Sheriff’s office has the records of all the arrest files in Pasco
  • To initiate the search one must secure a copy of the arrest records request form
  • The form has to be completed in its entirety so that it will be processed immediately
  • The fee will depend on how much details you wanted to obtain. But normally, it should not exceed to $15.00 for each copy
  • The results will be delivered in 4 to 5 business days

Pasco County Booking Log

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