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The Communications, Central Records Department of Palm Beach County Sheriff office has been tasked to compile all the arrest records from the difference enforcement agencies within the county. As per mandate by law, such records are going to be released to any requestor who has valid grounds to do the request. Thus, you must present a solid reason for conducting the search so that the reviewing board will be able to approve such request. The local residents must know that the Sheriff’s office will be their main legal resource when searching for arrest documents.

Apart from updating the arrest files, the office also does other vital responsibility such as the processing of all booking data records, all supplemental data for police reports, and audio visual reproductions. Also, they have been a major help in facilitating action to do local background checks, police letters of clearance, adoption letters, and the police records which cover the criminal, informational and accident reports. Today, they are not only doing the manual searches, but have also incorporated the use of the Internet and computers as a quick channel for legal information. You just have to ask a staff member to walk you through the digital steps in obtaining the data you seek.

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If you are specifically looking for sexual offenses, then you must visit the sexual predator and offender tracking unit which is still under the management of the Sheriff’s office. This unit has all the names of the registered sex offenders where you can make a quick search from if you think someone in the community has that record in the past. Also, you are able to do a swift search on booking records. You simply go to sheriff’s official website under the arrest and jail information. You only need to input the complete name of the subject, street name, city name, statute and the arresting agency to be able to generate the details of the individual.

The fee should not go beyond $20.00 for each copy. There are times when it becomes a little more expensive if you are asking for a lot of information which would require more time doing the search. Aside from the Sheriff’s office, the county’s clerk of court can also assist in your pursuit for the arrest documents. They have the office records department and records research and copies for the said purpose. The charges should be reasonable as it is considered as part of public service.

Today, everybody can run a Palm Beach County paperless without the tedious job of visiting the physical location of such records. Indeed, the long wait is over for anybody can do the search on their own at home or anywhere else provided that there is access to the Internet. So, what you do is find a trusted and long-time provider of arrest records. Such solution is a quick alternative for most people who wanted instant results of their searches. Hence, you will be able to find out the truth about someone fast these days with the aid of a digital tool where you only need to make a few clicks and then have it in a few minutes.

Steps to produce an arrest record:

  • Visit the county’s sheriff office or the clerk of court’s office
  • The fee should not go beyond $20.00 per copy
  • Fill out the records request form to officially do the application
  • The request can be done by email, in person or by mail

Palm Beach County Booking Log

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