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The law enforcement units in Orange, Florida are all ordered by law to keep track of records of arrest and release them to public following the guidelines established in issuing legal information to any requestor. The main objective would be to provide the residents with legitimate references regarding the arrest report of someone. This is the usual case for those who are doing a background check on job applicants to find out as to whether or not they had been involved in any forms of crime in the past. But technically, the records are for everybody’s consumption for as long as the purpose is valid.

The Orange County Sheriff’s office is the primary office which you can turn to for information on arrest reports. They actually have become a dumping office for all the arrest documents coming from the various local law enforcement offices in the county. The objective was for the residents to just go to just one particular place for legal information searches. They have in possession the active warrants if you wished to check on the names of those who are yet to be arrested. They also have the names of the sex offenders, if you wanted to verify as to whether or not someone in the neighborhood is a registered sex offender.

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What you will do to get started would be to fill out the records request form. The form shall be issued at the sheriff’s office if you have the chance to visit in person. Or you can have it downloaded right through the county’s official webpage, just print it out and complete the form. You may do the request via mail or in person. As a typical procedure, if you submit it by mail you should put it inside a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Prior to that, you got to have it notarized first to make it an official request. Or you can simply hand it over at the office yourself if your location is just close from the office concerned.

The fee which you are going to pay would depend on the amount of information that you are going to request. The more extensive your request is the more it is that you are going to pay since that’s going to take long hours of processing your request. However, the standard cost should not go beyond $20.00 per copy. The public can actually go to the other law enforcement units for the arrest documents like the Narcotics Department, Highway Patrol and other government recognized offices.

Nowadays, people have access to the said records using the Internet where a credible online resource is capable of producing the information. So, if anybody is looking for sources in the pursuit of running a background check they can definitely do it via an Internet records provider. This implies that the search can be done on your own for as long as you have Internet connection. Plus, you can get it done anywhere you want as long as there is Internet. People today simply have the option to either do the traditional way of searching or explore the modern method by going online via a trusted online records solution.

Steps to do arrest records search:

  • Go to the sheriff’s office and tell them what you want
  • Provide them the basic information about the subject
  • As a requestor, you must have the personal documents to prove that you are eligible to perform the request
  • Payment will depend on the amount of data you needed
  • Fill out the form to begin the process
  • You may also go to the other law enforcement units as they are also directed by law to assist you in terms of legal information

Orange County Florida Arrest Records

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