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Scrutinizing the history of any individual has already become a common practice amongst companies nowadays. Through this method, risks are mitigated if not at all avoided. Most businesses live by the principle “time equals money”. The more time you spend with something that is not at all productive or profitable, the more money you lose. This also applies with people. Arrest records should serve as a good reference material to determine the honesty of a person.

In this light, records specifically logs on arrests and criminal conviction reports are mostly relied on when it comes to such endeavor. Such crucial archives basically shed light to very important information regarding the offense or violation the person has committed. If felonies are done, they will also be indicated and all other particulars surrounding the case. Because of this, documents pertaining to how a person went against the law as so far as misdemeanors and felonies are concerned are really helpful when it comes to scrutinizing the background of any person in question.

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In Florida, the central repository for all criminal history information is the Department of Law Enforcement. This department is overlooked by the Division of Criminal Justice Information Services. Registers pertaining to criminal offenses perpetrated by certain individuals in the state are kept by this department. If you wish to conduct a background check, in Okeechobee County for instance, you can request access to registers like a Criminal History Record Information. Such document is an in-depth and more comprehensive account on a person’s run-in with the law. In the county level, you may find arrest documents sufficient. These records are kept by the Okeechobee County Sheriffs’ Office. Both the Law Enforcement Department and the Sheriffs’ Office are open Mondays through Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm except during major holidays.

Procuring for a copy of these documents entails securing an application form first. The application form or the ‘request to access’ form can be downloaded online from the Department of Law Enforcement’s website. Print the form out and complete it with all the necessary prerequisites. Significant information that you must provide in the form include the person’s first and last names, any known aliases, date of birth, last known physical address, and if available, also include the social security number. As the person appealing for the document, please also include your full name, mailing address and a contact number where you can reach at. Do not forget to mail with the accomplished form the $24 payment. Such fee applies to all public record requests as imposed by Florida’s statute and is non-refundable albeit the arrest record or criminal document requested is not found. Entreaties like this are typically processed within 5 business days.

Because manually procuring legal documents can be quite tedious and time-consuming, most consumers nowadays prefer the modern way of record retrieval. Technological innovations nowadays have definitely made the process of record retrieval and management easier thereby making it really convenient for those who are conducting background checks.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Division of Criminal Justice Information Services features the following services:

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