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Records are legal documents. Because of this, they are used widely in a handful of legal undertakings. Fortunately in Florida, most records are public in pursuant to the Public Records Law which gives everyone in the state the right to access, review and reproduce any files generated and kept by Florida’s open offices. Among all these archives, perhaps the most heavily counted on are law enforcement records or criminal history information.

Reports on arrests and crimes are deemed to be very useful especially when it comes to scrutinizing the background of any person. Background screening has already become a customary practice in almost all companies. Individuals believe that such tool serves as a way for them to ensure the safety of the residents in Monroe, Florida. Checking the criminal history of any person, whatever the purpose may be, is indeed a sure-fire way to mitigate risks and empower people for their own safety and protection.

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Monroe County arrest records can be acquired through the local Monroe County Sheriffs’ Office. Be sure to know whether you yourself have an arrest record on file. If so, it would be better to give them a call first. Unless you hire a defense attorney, you would end up arrested should you show up at the Sheriffs’ Office personally. For a more in depth account on the person’s criminal background, a copy of a Criminal History Record Information is what you can get a hold of. This is accessible through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Both crucial documents cost $24 each. Take note that such fee, even if the document requested is not found, retains to be payment for the search itself; thus it is non-refundable.

Delving into these documents is easy should you have all the necessary prerequisites handy. When filing an entreaty for a Monroe County arrest record or a criminal conviction document, a request to access form has to be completed first. This can be obtained online from the aforementioned offices’ websites. It has to have the following information: the complete legal name of the person whose background is being investigated, any known aliases, date of birth, social security number as well as the last known address. As the one appealing for the document, write your name too, address and your contact number. Please expect to get the results of your record search within 5 business days.

Manually retrieving these documents, however, may take quite a while. Rather than the expected 5-day turnaround time, it could take more as it depends mostly on the volume of requests these offices receive. To get a hold of any arrest registers or any legal documents faster, try pulling the record search online through the help of alternative record repositories. Modern technology has indeed paved way for a much better means of doing transactions especially when it comes to speed and convenience.

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