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Through the provision of the Public Records Law in the Sunshine State, every member of the general public has already been entitled with the right to access, review and even reproduce any documents generated, updated and managed by any offices comprising the State of Florida’s governmental body. Such governmental body is basically comprised of all public offices and private ones that expend subsidy from the government. Whatsoever the purpose for perusing these registers is, as long as the procurement process is strictly adhered to and rules are observed well, obtaining them is not at all a problem.

Should you wish to get a hold of Miami-Dade County arrest records, for example, be it for background check purposes or anything else, you can actually do so by filing a request at the Miami-Dade County Sheriffs’ Office. A log on arrest is very helpful in this matter as it records any offense or violation committed by a certain individual. However, if such document does not suffice your reason, you can actually file an entreaty for a copy of a Criminal History Record Information through the Department of Law Enforcement. Such Department is overlooked by the Criminal Justice Information Services division. It is, as a matter of fact, the entity that serves as the main repository for all law enforcement and criminal history information in the State of Florida.

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Both these crucial records, should you request them for whatsoever licit purposes, require a payment of $24 per copy. This fee is non-refundable however as this retains to be payment for the search per se even if the file appealed for is not found. In this case, a document certifying that the file requested is not on file will be issued. That is why when doing any record search it is very important to provide the exact information as much as possible. Because accuracy is the key, providing more right information will narrow down search results and locate the exact document faster.

Significant information that must be provided when you file an entreaty for any Miami-Dade County arrest records and criminal reports includes the person’s first and last names, date of birth, last known address and his or her social security number if available. Most importantly, if that person has any other names or aliases, please write that as well. Also, as the person requesting the document, write your details as well such as your complete legal name, birth date, address and your contact number. Do not forget to also mail in a return stamped envelope and of course the payment fee of $24. Make sure that such fee is through check or money order only that is made payable to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Because manually retrieving these crucial archives takes quite some time depending on how many orders such aforementioned offices get usually, most consumers today already prefer the contemporary way which is online. This modern marvel has basically paved way to a much more convenient means of doing transactions. In lieu of the usually 1-week processing time, with alternative record providers in the Internet, delving into the background of anyone in Miami-Dade County using arrest records and criminal documents can be done in as fast as minutes to hours.

The Miami-Dade County’s Office of the Sheriff features the following services:

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