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Safety and security are the second most important things that humans should have based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Next to physiological needs, every human being should be safe and secure in order to survive. Such element also pertains to the protection humans should have against harm caused by the environment and its people. Crooks are everywhere and the sad fact is that they exempt no one. Regardless the gender, age, race, social status or educational background, criminals attack literally anyone they wish to. In the United States today, in fact, the crime rate is still at 4%.

Although such number can be considered insignificant, it is very important that we be extra careful and prepared for any untoward incidences that may happen. What we can do as individuals, as advised by the government, is to maximize the resources it has provided for its people. Among these things is the provision of the Public Records Law. Through such statute, records have been made public and are thus accessible by any member of the state who needs to. The government even reckons that by making these legal documents available to everyone in the State of Florida, they can somehow empower their people for their own protection.

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Background checking is certainly not a new thing anymore. In fact, it has already become a very basic yet powerful tool which almost all undertakings by most companies nowadays make use of. One way to know the truth about someone would be to run a thorough background check on a person using the legitimate resource provided by the government. It should be accomplished for the general welfare of the public.

If you are someone who wishes to conduct a background check on an applicant or if you are just someone who just wants to suss out the background of the person you have established rapport with and you wish to know more, you can actually try reviewing that person’s records. Perhaps the records which you can heavily rely on are law enforcement documents. These refer to files about criminal convictions, logs on arrests and warrants. In Martin County, you can get a hold of these important documents from the agencies assigned by the Florida’s government to take such responsibility. It is the Department of Law Enforcement, Division of Criminal Justice Information Services which serves as the chief storehouse for all criminal history information in the Sunshine State.

Locally, these records can also be obtained from the Martin County Sheriffs’ Office. Whichever agency you choose to procure the document from, the fee is practically the same. Florida’s statute has basically imposed a standard $24 processing fee and this applies to all public record requests including vital records and court decrees. Albeit the record you filed an entreaty for is not found, the fee retains to be payment for the search, though. It takes around 5 days to complete but with the volume of entreaties such offices get usually, it could actually take a couple of weeks or more. To retrieve any Martin County arrest records you need in just a matter of minutes, you can just pull a quick record search online. With independent record providers over the Web, not only will you get the records you need faster but also, you will be able to save joyous amounts of time and money.

The central repository for all criminal records in the State of Florida, the Law Enforcement Department, offers the following services:

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