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Procuring any Marion County arrest logs as well as criminal conviction documents can be done both in the state and in the county level. Arrest records are basically stored locally. In Marion County, logs on arrests can be obtained through the Marion County Sheriffs’ Office whilst a more in-depth account on a crime committed – a felony for example – can only be obtained from the state office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Overlooked by the Division of Criminal Justice Information Services, this department serves as the primary storehouse for all criminal history information in the Sunshine State.

Logs on arrests and documents pertaining to crimes perpetrated are collectively called as law enforcement documents. Such crucial registers, fortunately, belong to the state’s open archives. Thanks to the provision of the Public Records Law, these files can be accessed by any member of the state who needs them for whatsoever licit purposes or undertakings. Basically, all documents created and maintained by any of the Sunshine State’ governmental bodies are deemed public as per the state’ statute.

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The state’s governmental bodies are comprised of public offices as well as private ones that expend public funds. Records – regardless the formats – that are created by these entities are subject to the Public Records Act and are therefore accessible to the general public. The government even encourages the people to maximize such resources especially when it comes to their own security and protection. This is where records like law enforcement documents are very helpful as such archives prove to be really crucial when it comes to criminal background investigations. Arrest records and crime reports help a lot in determining whether the person whose background is being sussed out has already had an encounter with the law enforcement before. Hence, decision-making situations – in the recruitment process for example – are made easier.

If you are in Marion County and you would want to retrieve these records for whatsoever legal reasons, knowing the right governmental body to go to is paramount. Know that arrest documents can be locally obtained through the Sheriffs’ Office. However, if what you require is a more comprehensive and detailed report on a person’s felony for example, what you have to file an entreaty for is a copy of a Criminal History Record Information from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Both these records are very crucial and are thus requested most often amongst a public registers. Each copy of such file costs $24. Remember that this is non-refundable regardless if the document appealed for is not found in their system.
When doing a search for any legal document, Marion County arrest records for instance, it is noteworthy to remember that accuracy is the key. Providing the exact information as much as possible will narrow down search results and help locate the document you need faster and easier. In lieu of the usual 5 business days processing time, with the modern method which is done online, you will be able to get any documents you need in just a matter of minutes.

The state’s primary repository for all criminal history records, the Department of Law Enforcement, features the following services:

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