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If you are in Leon County and you wish to conduct a background check on anyone suspicious or you just want to review someone’s background for whatever legal purpose, requesting for law enforcement registers is what you can do. Records such as arrest logs, criminal reports and warrants are made public in pursuant to the Public Records Law. As such, people in Florida can already access any public documents contained in the state’s public archives. Basically, all documents generated and managed by Florida governmental bodies are deemed public and thus, accessible by any member of the state who needs to.

Should you need to access any of these registers, it is important that you follow the procurement process strictly and direct your entreaty to the right agency. In the Sunshine State, the agency that serves as the central repository for all criminal history information is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Division of Criminal Justice Information Services. In the county level, requests for such crucial registers should be addressed to the Sheriffs’ Office. In Leon County, the Leon County Sheriffs’ Office can be paid a visit to if you need to get a hold of any Leon County arrest records. Each copy of an arrest document costs $24.

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If a document on arrest would not suffice, what you can request for is a copy of a Criminal History Record Information from the state office. Such document is very comprehensive as it states how a certain individual went against the law and also documents the felony committed, if any, as well as the surrounding details. This document is commonly perused should a more serious criminal background check is to be conducted. Such crucial register can only be secured through the Law Enforcement Department, though. The same $24 applies per copy of the said file.

In accessing these records, securing a ‘request to access’ form or simply an application form is basically the first step. This form is downloadable from the state office’s website. Once downloaded, print it out and complete it with all the significant details required. The form has to contain both the information of the person whose arrest or criminal record you are scrutinizing as well as your information as the applicant. Mail the accomplished form along with the necessary $24. Such fee, take note, is a standard processing fee for all public record requests and is non-refundable even if the register filed an entreaty for is not located.

Manually accessing these files could take quite some time. Usually, about 5 business days are required to process such requests though most often than not, it takes longer than the expected turnaround time. For a much better means of retrieving legal records, consumers nowadays already make the most of what the Internet can offer including record retrieval services. Services proffered online are way convenient as it can deliver any records appealed for in just a matter of minutes; not to mention the money you get to save with this modern approach.

To get a hold of Leon County arrest documents for background screening purposes, you can follow the detailed instructions below:

  • Download first an application form from the Department of Law Enforcement’s website.
  • Complete the form with all the requisite information.
  • Send the completed form along with the $24 fee to the department.
  • Wait for five business days for your record request to be processed.

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