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Lafayette County Arrest Records

Retrieving Lafayette County arrest records can be done through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement or through the Lafayette County Sheriffs’ Office locally. The former is the agency tasked by the government to act as the primary storehouse for all the criminal history information in the Sunshine State. The latter houses records on arrests and warrants and provides record retrieval services in the county level. Both offices work hand in hand to keep track of any untoward incidences that transpire within the state specifically Lafayette County, record these occurrences, update archives, and assist individuals conducting background checks who wish to review such crucial documents. The Lafayette County Sheriffs’ Office as well as the Law Enforcement Department caters to record requests Mondays through Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm except holidays.

Good thing that in Florida, most records are public. In pursuant to the Public Records Law, all records – regardless the format – created, kept, updated and managed by all Florida governmental bodies are considered to be public archives. This means that they are accessible by anyone from the state. Because they have been made available to the general public, the government believes that when its citizens fully maximize such resources, they can somehow be empowered towards their own security and protection. Background checking, for instance, makes use of records. With these records readily available, sussing out the shady past of someone suspicious and unravelling certain predicaments about that person’s identity is not a problem.

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Checking an individual’s background has already become a customary practice in almost all undertakings across the globe. Records are reviewed and this is where decisions will be based. Should you wish to get a hold of any Lafayette County arrest document for whatsoever legal purpose, you can just file a formal request at the Lafayette County Sheriffs’ Office. For a more detailed account on a person’s run-in with the law, a Criminal History Record Information can be obtained. This file is available only at the Division of Criminal Justice Information Services though, particularly at the Law Enforcement Department.

In order to procure any of these legal documents, you must first secure an application or a ‘request to access’ form. This form is downloadable online from any of the abovementioned agencies’ websites. Or you can choose to get the form personally from these offices. However, you should take note that if it is your own arrest document you would want to get, hiring a defense attorney first is a must. Otherwise, you could get arrested. In this case, it would be best to file your request via telephone or mail instead. The fee for a copy of a Lafayette County arrest document or a criminal history file is $24. This is a standard processing fee and is non-refundable. It takes usually 5 days for your entreaty to be processed.

Because manually retrieving legal documents usually entails a lot of paper works and falling in line, most people nowadays resort to the modern method. The contemporary way of procuring records which is done online is the fastest and easiest thus far. Record repositories have already made their way through the Web thereby proffering consumers with a way better option whenever they wish to search for a legal document. Lafayette County arrest records can be obtained within minutes should you opt to pull the search through the Internet.

To get a hold of Lafayette County arrest documents for background screening purposes, you can follow the detailed instructions below:

  • Download first an application form from the Department of Law Enforcement’s website.
  • Complete the form with all the requisite information.
  • Send the completed form along with the $24 fee to the department.
  • Wait for five business days for your record request to be processed.

Lafayette County Florida Arrest Records

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