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Good guys in, bad guys out. This is practically the reason why background investigations are done: to ensure that the welfare of the people inside – either a company, business or a family -are safeguarded. In the national level, immigration officers take this responsibility to protect the country; thus the term ‘border control’. Aside from this, background checking has been very usefull in many cases more especially with it comes to legal matters.

In doing so, records are perused and requested very often. Perhaps the most heavily counted on when it comes to such endeavour are law enforcement registers. Arrest logs and criminal conviction documents have proven to be very helpful when it comes to delving into the background of anyone suspicious because they can shed light to very crucial details. Such crucial information can be procured through agencies tapped by Florida’s government that take such responsibility of keeping, updating, managing and dispensing such information.

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It is the Department of Law Enforcement, Division of Criminal Justice Information Services which primarily serves as the storehouse for all criminal history information in the State of Florida. The state office also works with the local county Sheriffs’ Offices to share the same responsibility so that in the county level, these legal documents are also well managed. In Hillsborough County, arrest records and criminal conviction registers can be procured through the local Hillsborough County Sheriffs’ Office. You can also try accessing such registers through the Office of the County Clerk.

Should you want to delve into the criminal history of a certain person, you can request for such documents: arrest logs or Criminal History Record Information. The former is accessible locally through the Hillsborough County Sheriffs’ Office whilst the latter can only be acquired from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Both these records, whenever requested for whatever legal purposes, cost $24 each. This payment is standard and applies for all public records requested including vital records such as birth and death certificates; court decrees such as marriage and divorce records; driver documents; and law enforcement registers including the two mentioned above as well as warrants. Also, take note that this is non-refundable regardless if the file you requested is not located. In this case, you will be given a document certifying that the record you requested is not found. Ergo, it would really help when you provide the exact information necessary as this will narrow down search results and locate the exact document faster. 

It takes roughly 5 business days to process any Hillsborough County arrest record requests. It could even take longer as the turnaround usually depends highly on the volume of entreaties. To hasten things up, the Internet has already made record repositories available online to provide consumers with a much better, convenient and cheaper means of retrieving legal documents. Just key in the information required and expect to have the results rendered to you in no time.

Obtaining arrest and criminal records in Hillsborough County can be done through the state’s central repository for all criminal history information which is the Law Enforcement Department. Such department features the following services:

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For more information on how to procure Hillsborough county criminal history information for the purpose of delving deeper into anyone’s background, check out these resources:

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