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Reviewing any arrest log in Hardee County can be done by filing a request at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement or at the Hardee County Sheriffs’ Office. The Law Enforcement Department is the chief storehouse for all criminal history information and other law enforcement registers in the Sunshine State. This office operates under the Division of Criminal Justice Information Services. In accordance with the Public Records Law, all files generated by the government and public or open offices are deemed public. Hence, they can be accessed, reviewed and even reproduced by any member of the state who needs to.

To get the highest level of service and to better accommodate and cater to the needs of consumers doing background investigations, Florida’s statute has implemented a $24 fee for all public document requests. If you need to get a copy of any Hardee County arrest documents through the Department of Law Enforcement, you have to obtain an application or request to access form first. This can be downloaded online through the Division of Criminal Justice’s website. You must fill out the form completely with all the necessary information asked. Details that you have to provide include the individual’s first and last names, date of birth and the approximate age, social security number if known, and the last known address.

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It is very important that you provide accurate information as possible since search results for your record entreaty will be based on the information you submit. This also applies if you wish to obtain a copy of an arrest record in Hardee County through the Sheriff’s Office although no application form is needed. Once the form is completed, submit it to the Law Enforcement Department along with the $24 processing fee. Please take note that such fee is non-refundable albeit the record you requested is not found as this fee retains to be payment search. As the one requesting for the file, write your details as well including the reason of your request.

Anyone who needs to get a hold of a copy of a Hardee County arrest document can place his or her order via mail or in person in any of the aforementioned offices. Each method has its downside, nevertheless. Acquiring the arrest logs you need via mail may require more time as you have to consider the time it takes for the mail to be delivered back to you. Usually it takes roughly 5 business days. Unfortunately, this varies depending on the volume of entreaties the office receives at the time you filed your appeal. Doing it in person, on the other hand, may already be impractical as you may need to take some time off work or school just to fall in line to process your entreaty. Not to mention the paper works you have to do and process along the way.

Retrieving the documents online is the fastest and easiest way thus far. With a computer and an Internet connection handy, you can already get a hold of any legal documents you need. And because it is done online, you can just process the transaction at home anytime you wish to. It is easy and truly hassle-free.

Obtaining arrest records in Hardee County can be done by following these steps below:

  • Decide as to where you would like to obtain the arrest records you need, whether through the Department of Law Enforcement Department or through the county’s Sheriff’s Office.
  • If you choose to process your Hardee county arrest record entreaty through the Law Enforcement Department, download an application form from their website.
  • Obtaining the arrest records from the Sheriff’s Office no longer requires an application form. Fill out the downloaded form with all the significant details required.
  • Once completed, submit the form to the department together with the $24 fee.

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