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Background screening is no longer a new thing in this modern age. In fact, most if not all companies today require backgrounds to be scrutinized first before letting people in. Checking on someone is vital because you will never know what happens next after trusting on an individual. In Gilchrist County, Florida, these crucial registers can be retrieved from the state’s primary storehouse for such files,┬áthe Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the local County Sheriffs’ Offices.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Division of Criminal Justice Information Services serves as the primary central repository for such crucial registers in the Sunshine State. Documents pertaining to arrests and crimes that transpired within Florida are the responsibility of this office. In the county level, these documents are updated and managed by the Gilchrist County Sheriffs’ Office.

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Should you need to get a hold of these records, Gilchrist County arrest records for example, you can choose to get them from either of the aforementioned offices. Both offices are open Mondays through Fridays from 8am to 5pm except during major holidays. To get a copy of such, writing a formal request is requisite. Secure an application or a request to access form first from either of the offices. You could do it personally or you could just download the form from their websites. Take note that if it is your own arrest record you would want to obtain, make sure you have hired a defense attorney beforehand. Otherwise, if you visit the Gilchrist County Sheriffs’ Office and you have an arrest record on file, you would end up arrested. In this case, it would be better to give them a call prior to your visit.

Once you already have the request to access form, complete it with all the necessary requirements. Significant information that the application form requires include the first and last names of the person whose arrest or criminal record you are appealing for, any known aliases, the person’s date of birth, address and his or her social security number if available. As the one appealing for the register, also include your name, address and your contact number. It is also important that you indicate the reason of your perusal as well as your relationship to the individual named on the record. After completing the form, mail it to the chosen office including the $24 standard processing fee. This fee is non-refundable, however. Albeit the Gilchrist County arrest record you filed an entreaty for is not located, the payment will not be refunded as it would retain to be fee for the search itself. Every search requires $24. Thus, whenever you search for a record, make sure to provide the exact information as necessary since in this light, accuracy is the key.

The usual time it takes for entreaties like this to be processed is about 5 business days. This, however, still varies and depends mostly on how many orders these offices get in a day. Hence, it could take longer than expected as the mail delivery time has to be considered. To expedite the transaction, online retrieval is the new trend today. Now that the Internet has made record repositories available, retrieving any legal documents is convenient and quick.

Below are the services offered at the Department of Law Enforcement you might find useful:

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