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Records are legal documents. Ergo, they are used widely in a lot of purposes. Transactions nowadays, especially those with which risks are involved, require that certain documents are reviewed first.Good thing that Florida made sure that every citizen who lives in every county must be given the privilege to search out the arrest reports in the county. The Freedom of Information then was declared enabling the residents to do public information searches at all times.

This is basically the reason why these crucial registers are appealed for most often among all public records. In the State of Florida, the office that serves as the primary repository for such crucial records is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Such department operates under the supervision of the Division of Criminal Justice Information Services. In the county level, it is the Franklin County Sheriffs’ Office and the Office of the County Clerk which take responsibility in keeping track and managing such registers. Thus, requests for arrest records in Franklin County can be addressed to these offices. For a copy of a criminal report, this can be requested from the Law Enforcement Department directly.

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All record requests in Florida require a processing fee of $24. Whether you would request for a vital record, a marriage or a divorce decree, or a law enforcement document, the fee is basically the same. The state’s statute has implemented this to make sure that the highest level of service is racked up by being able to cater to the demands of the consumers and assist them better. To get a copy of any Franklin County arrest records or criminal conviction documents, secure an application form first. Filling out the form is practically the first step. This request to access form or application form can be obtained directly from the websites of the abovementioned offices. Significant information that the form has to have include the first and last name of the person whose record you wish to get, any known monikers, the birthdate, and the last known address. If you know the social security number, please include that as well.

As the applicant, it is important that you also provide your information such as your name, address and your contact number. Also indicate the reason of your perusal and your relationship to the person whose arrest record you want to suss out. If it is your own arrest record you wish to obtain, make sure you give the Sheriffs’ Office a call first. Unless you hire a defense attorney, you might end up arrested. Thus, it would be best to file your request over the phone or mail instead. Also, when filing your request, remember that accuracy is the key. Providing the exact information will help yield results faster and easier. Requests for Franklin County arrest records are processed within 5 business days usually. However, such processing time depends on how many requests the aforementioned offices receive at the same time you place your request. Thus, you can expect that it would somehow take a while.

To get a hold of any Franklin County arrest records faster, retrieving them online is what you can actually do. Online transactions are processed much quicker thereby providing you with the records you need in no time. Truly, the Internet is the new trend nowadays.

To suss out anyone’s skeptical and shady past using criminal history information in the county of Franklin, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the Law Enforcement Department’s Office or to the Sheriff’s Office in Franklin County. However, if you suspect that you have an existing warrant or an arrest record, it is strongly suggested that you hire a defense attorney first before even trying to set foot on the Sheriff’s Office. Otherwise, you may get arrested.
  • Secure an application form. This can be obtained from any of the aforementioned offices or directly from the Department of Law Enforcement’s online portal.
  • Once the application form is secured, go fill it out in its entirety with all the needed details. Significant information you have to provide include the person’s first and last name, date of birth, approximate age, last known address, and the social security number if known.
  • Once completed, send the form to any of these offices together with the $24 processing fee. Wait for five business days for your entreaty to be processed.

Franklin County Florida Arrest Records

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