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Background checking is no longer new. In fact, it has already become a customary practice in almost all undertakings and is done by all establishments, companies and institutions across the globe. Through this, risks can somehow be mitigated if not at all avoided. A lot of transactions require that this is done to ensure that the welfare of the people and the company are safeguarded. It has proven to be very helpful in various circumstances more especially for safety reasons.

In this light, records are perused. Among all records, arrest and criminal records are delved into most often. They are both crucial information. Because they illustrate how a certain individual went against the law as well as document all crucial details surrounding the case, they are sussed out very often especially when it comes to background checks. In the effort of scrutinizing a background of a certain individual, the most heavily relied on are law enforcement records such as these. 

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Law enforcement records are the main responsibility of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Division of Criminal Justice Information Services. Such office acts as the primary repository for all of these crucial registers in the Sunshine State. Good thing that in Florida, there is what they allude to as the Public Records Law. Other states in America also exercise this as well. Through this, any member of the Sunshine State is entitled to access, review and even have a copy of any records or legal documents housed in the state’s public archives or governmental bodies. Florida’s governmental body is comprised of all public offices in the Sunshine State as well as private ones that expend public funds or make use of government subsidies.

All documents created, updated and managed by these offices are deemed public unless otherwise indicated. Arrest and criminal records are public. Thus, whenever needed, they can be accessed and requested by anyone from Flagler County as long as the process of procuring them is strictly adhered to. To get a hold of Flagler County arrest records, file a formal request by filling out an application form. The form can be downloaded online from the Law Enforcement Department’s website. Complete the form with the following details: first and last name of the person whose arrest record you are requesting, any known aliases, the date of birth, the physical address and the social security number if known. As the applicant, do not forget to also indicate in the request to access form your complete name, date of birth, address and your contact number. Please also include your relationship to that person and the reason of your request.

Manually obtaining these documents may take a while, however. Should you need to get a hold of any Flagler County arrest records quickly, retrieve the document through the help of online record repositories. Record providers over the Web proffer the same document retrieval service for a cheaper fee and a faster turnaround. In lieu of the usual 5 business days processing time, alternative record providers online can provide you with any documents you need as fast as minutes.

The Office of the Sheriff in Flagler County, Florida features the following services:

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