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Getting a hold of Escambia County arrest records is easy when you know the process to take and the right agency to visit. Law enforcement documents like arrest records and criminal conviction documents are perused very often among all public registers as they are very beneficial when it comes to background investigations. Escambia County arrest records are usually kept at the Escambia County Sheriffs’ Office. For documents pertaining to criminal convictions, you can obtain them directly from the Department of Law Enforcement in Florida. 

The Department of Law Enforcement, which runs under the Division of Criminal Justice Information Services, is the entity which is primarily responsible for keeping, updating and maintaining law enforcement documents in Florida. These documents include criminal conviction reports, arrest logs as well as warrants. The agency also works with the Escambia Sheriffs’ Office and the County Clerk to have these documents available in the county level.

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These local offices are open Mondays through Fridays from 8am to 5pm except during holidays. Should you need to get a hold of a more detailed and comprehensive account on a person’s background, what you can request for is a Criminal History Record Information. Such register is very crucial as it already contains information regarding felonies committed, if any. If an arrest record would suffice, you can get these files locally from the Sheriffs’ Office. Take note that in Florida, all record requests require a fee of $24. This has already been imposed by the state’s legislature in the desire to rack up the highest level of service and to better accommodate and cater to record requests by consumers.

To get these files, first, you must obtain an application form. The form can be downloaded from the abovementioned offices’ online portals. You can also choose to get the form from them personally. The form has to show the complete name of the person whose background you are checking, any known sobriquets, date of birth, address and the social security number if available. Also include your details as the requester. Once done, mail the completed form to the apt office along with the $24 fee and a return stamped envelope. Typically, arrest record and criminal record requests in Escambia County are processed within 5 business days though such turnaround time still depends on how many entreaties these office receive. Hence, it could actually vary and could take a while as the mail delivery time shall be included.

For a more practical and faster means of getting these records, getting them online through alternative providers is what you can actually do. Record repositories with state-wide databases have already made their way online. Truly, technological innovations of today have paved way for a much better means of doing transactions unlike in the days of yore when everything has to be done manually. Now, with just a computer and an Internet connection handy, you are already good to go. Simply look for a trustworthy record provider online, pay the necessary fees, and expect to have the results of your record search delivered at your doorsteps in no time without deferral.

To get Escambia county arrest records, you can follow these steps:

  • Download the application form.
  • Complete it with all the details required including the individual’s name, approximate age, date of birth, last known address, and social security number of known.
  • Send the completed form to any of the agencies mentioned above along with the search fee of $24.
  • Wait for 5 business days for your entreaty to be processed.

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