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Background screening has become a customary practice in almost all firms across the globe today. Individuals need to go through the legal process of requesting such legal arrest records in order to obtain the results legitimately. Good thing that in the Sunshine State, most records are public. This is because Florida also follows a protocol of having an informed citizenry. Through the provision of the Public Records Law, any member of the state who needs to access any public documents contained in the state’s public archives can do so. Whatever the purpose may be, getting a hold of these important state registers is easy peasy as long as the proper procedure of acquiring them is followed strictly.

Background check is the most common reason why records are perused and delved into. When someone in the neighborhood is suspicious, it is best to go check that person’s background right away. The crime rate in the US today is still at 4%. Even if the number is not that significantly high, it still means that there are crooks out there just waiting for their turn to attack. Unfortunately, these criminals do not exempt anyone from their illicit activities. Ergo, it just right to be extra wary and wise. Being extra cautious can really help a lot in avoiding any untoward incidences.

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This is why the government of Florida encourages everyone in the state to make use of the resources made available for them especially when they need to do background investigations. Through this, citizens are empowered for their own protection. If you are in Clay County, Florida and you need to perform a background check on any person within or outside your community, you can do so by requesting access to law enforcement documents. Arrest records are the most basic of all these. These documents can really help unravel certain predicaments.

Clay County arrest records can be procured through the Clay County Sheriffs’ Office or locally through the Office of the County Clerk. The fee for such document is $24 each. This fee, in fact, is already a standard processing fee which the state’s government has imposed in the hope of being able to rack up the highest level of service and assist consumers better. For a more detailed account on a person’s felony in case that person has perpetrated one, a Criminal History Record Information is what you might just need. This crucial file can be obtained from the state’s primary storehouse for law enforcement documents in the Sunshine State, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The same fee applies. Take note that the fee, albeit the document you filed an entreaty for is not located, will not be refunded as it would retain to be payment for the search itself. It usually takes several days to weeks for such record requests to be processed.

For a more expedient record retrieval service, do it online. Online transactions are processed quicker and results are delivered in no time. Not to mention that there will be no more paper works required, falling in line at offices, and paying a lot just to get a hold of any Clay County arrest records you need. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection and you are good to go.

To get a hold of Clay County arrest documents, follow the procedure written below:

  • Download the application form.
  • Complete it with all the details required including the individual’s name, approximate age, and date of birth, last known address, and social security number of known.
  • Send the completed form to any of the agencies mentioned above along with the search fee of $24.
  • Wait for 5 business days for your entreaty to be processed.

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