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If you are in Broward County, Florida and you need to review law enforcement documents such as warrants, crime reports or arrest records for background check purposes, you can actually do so by following the proper procedure. In Florida, it is the Division of Criminal Justice Information Services’ Law Enforcement Department which serves as the primary storehouse for all documents in the state concerning people’s run-ins with the law. The Broward County Sheriffs’ Office as well as the local County Clerk’s Office also keep and update these documents.

Background checking is not a new thing anymore. As a matter of fact, it has already become a standard protocol in almost every undertaking. Quite a few of the instances where it is deemed necessary include marriage, claiming insurance benefits and other legal purposes. By reviewing records especially those that illustrate how a particular person violated the law, risks can somehow be mitigated if not totally avoided.

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In this endeavor, arrest records and criminal reports are most commonly perused and requested as they provide very crucial information which can help with the investigation big time. To file a request for any Broward County arrest records in Florida, you can actually place your order at either the Florida Department of Law Enforcement directly or locally at the Broward County Sheriffs’ Office or at the County Clerk. To do so, first get an application form. This can be downloaded from the Law Enforcement Department’s web page. Print it out and complete with the following important details: complete name of the individual whose arrest record or criminal conviction document you are requesting, any known monickers, the date of birth, the physical address of that person as well as the social security number if known. As the requester, it is a must that you also write in the form your complete name, date of birth, your address, a contact number where the department can reach you at, your relationship to the person named on the document and the reason for the perusal.

Once the form is completed with these significant particular, mail it to the department or to the Sheriffs’ Office in Broward County. Do not forget to include in that mail the payment for the entreaty. Florida’s statute has already implemented a standard $24 for every public record request. The Sunshine State’s government reckons that by imposing this, they will be able to rack up the highest level of service by being able to cater to consumers better. The fee, which is nonrefundable albeit the Broward County arrest records or criminal document requested is not found, must be through check or money order only and should be made payable to the department.

Record requests such as this one require roughly 5 business days to be processed; this excludes mail delivery time. Should you wish to have a more practical and faster transaction, resorting to alternative providers online is a way better option. With this modern marvel of retrieving legal documents especially law enforcement files, you are ascertained to get the records you need in no time while also saving effort and money as most service providers online proffer the same record retrieval service for a very minimal fee.

The State’s Department of Law Enforcement, being the primary source for criminal history information in the state, proffers the following services:

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Racking up an individual’s criminal history information in Broward county can be done through the following sources below:

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