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Florida, also alluded to as the Sunshine State, is the fourth most populous state in America making it a home of around 19.3 million different people. If you are living in Florida, then it must be very exciting to meet people of different races, cultures, traditions and beliefs. However, everything also has its downside to some degree. With this, although the experience can be quite fascinating, it can also be very dangerous insofar as security and safety are concerned. Establishing rapport with just anyone is practically a no-no. Thus, it is always encouraged to do a bit of background check before taking what has already been established to a whole new level.

For this reason, the government of Florida has in fact made records available to the public through the Public Records Law so as for its citizens to be able to fully maximize these resources and utilize them in cases like background investigations. In this endeavor, legal documents are perused. Good thing that these records, since most of them are deemed public, are easily accessible as they are housed at the Sunshine State’s public archives. Among these documents, law enforcement registers such as warrants, arrests and criminal conviction reports are perused most often since they contain very important details. How a certain individual violated the law, the surrounding particulars concerning the case, be it a misdemeanor or a felony, will be illustrated in these documents thereby making them very useful when it comes to criminal background investigations.

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If you are living in Bradford County and you want to do a background check on any person whose history seems to be suspicious or shady in some ways, you can actually review his or her records and start the investigation from there. Records that you might want to check include Bradford County arrest records and crime reports. These vital registers along with warrants are collectively referred to as law enforcement documents. They can be accessed through the Department of Law Enforcement in the State Division of Criminal Justice Information Services. Such agency acts as the central resource for such files and works together with the Bradford County Sheriffs’ Office to keep track, collect, collate, update and maintain these crucial archives.

Secure an application form first from these offices and complete it with the all the requisite information. Significant details that the form must show include the complete legal name of the person whose background you are investigating, any known aliases, the date of birth, his or her physical address and if available, the social security number as well. As the one applying for the document, also write your complete name, address, contact number, your relationship to the person whose record you are requesting and the reason of your entreaty. Once accomplished, submit the form to the apt agency and pay the necessary $24 fee. Payment should be through check or money order only and should be made payable to the Department of Law Enforcement. Take note that the $24 fee which will be payment for the processing of your request, will no longer be refunded regardless if the record requested for is not found. Also, please expect to get the Bradford County arrest records you need within 5 business days. However, also expect that such turnaround time varies greatly upon the number of requests such agencies receive in a day.

To hasten things up, retrieving the records you need online is a way better option. Not only you will be able to save joyous amounts of time and effort as you only need to place your order over the Web, but also, you can definitely save money. Why? Simply because most alternative record repositories available throughout the Internet proffer such record retrieval service for a very minimal fee. So hire an online record provider now and get the records you need today!

The Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement services to the constituents of Bradford County by serving its community through crime prevention, drug enforcement, aggressive patrols, and education. Below are the services the Office of the Sheriff features:

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