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As per the Sunshine Law, anyone in the state is entitled to have an informed citizenry. This is realized by making records in Florida public and thus, accessible to any member of the state who needs to peruse them for whatsoever licit intentions. Good thing that Florida also follows the Public Records Law. As such, it is easy for its constituents to access legal documents whenever deemed necessary.

Because records are indeed legal, they are very useful in a handful of purposes. Marriage, school entrance and other circumstances are instances where one can scrutinize the background of anyone who is in question. In all these undertakings, checking out the background of the person, an applicant, for instance is a standard procedure today. This is done as it is reckoned to be a surefire way to mitigate risks. Marriage is another example. Establishing a relationship with any person can be quite risky, more so if you decide to make that person your lifetime partner. This is when records can be very helpful.

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Background investigations are very common nowadays. As a matter of fact, this procedure is already a must in most establishments and companies. In the light of delving into the background of anyone especially those with shady pasts, legal documents are very beneficial. Why? Simply because these files, regardless of the format, shed light to very valuable information. Among public records, the documents requested most often are law enforcement registers as these state any run-ins a particular individual has with the law such as any misdemeanor or felony committed.

Florida’s central repository for these particular registers is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Such office operates under the supervision of the Florida Division of Criminal Justice Information Services and works hand in hand with county Sheriffs’ Offices and the Clerk Courts to update and maintain such crucial registers. If you are in Alachua County and you wish to get a hold of Alachua County arrest records for background check purposes, visiting these offices is the first step. Secure an application form thereafter and complete it with all the information necessary. Significant details required include the person’s complete name, any known by names, date of birth, last known address and the social security number if available. As the applicant, be sure to also include your name, address, and a contact number where you can be reached at. Once the form is accomplished, submit it to any of the aforementioned agencies along with the $24 fee. Entreaties for Alachua County arrest records and crime reports are typically processed within five business days.

To get a hold of these registers fast, you can actually try hiring the services of independent record providers online. Because such transaction is done over the Internet, record requests are processed quicker and results are delivered faster than the traditional method of procuring these important and legal documents. What more, you can place your order for Alachua County arrest files in the comfort of your own home. Pull a quick record search online today and obtain the records you need in no time!

Below are the steps you can follow to procure Alachua county arrest registers:

  • For your entreaty to be processed, you have to secure first an application form. This form can be downloaded from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s website.
  • Fill out the form in its entirety with the significant information required. Make sure to provide correct details as much as possible for the record to be located easier.
  • Prepare $24 or the payment of the record search. Payment should be through check or money order. Take note, such fee is non-refundable regardless if a record is found or not.
  • Once done, you can submit the completed form together with your payment to the Department of Law Enforcement, Division of Criminal Justice Information Services.

Alachua County Florida Arrest Records

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